A new knife coming to VALORANT leaks out

A new knife coming to VALORANT leaks out

11. July 2023 by miranda angeles

The leakers continue to do their job in the search for new content for the VALORANT community. This time a new epic knife has been leaked, and it seems it will arrive quickly in the game.

A new knife to arrive in VALORANT has been leaked

Yesterday, the new VALORANT knife was revealed by the leaker “VALORANTUpdated.” It is an amazing knife. However, there is a problem with this new weapon; it is only available in the China region.

The new knife locked in other regions will not be available for sale anywhere else in the world. This news is very disappointing for the community of players who love to have new in-game items in their collections.

Details of the new VALORANT knife

The new VALORANT weapon is “The Kitana, ” a melee weapon. This weapon has a red blade which is attached to a long handle. In addition, the knife has several aesthetic levels, making it a special weapon. The Kitana can transform into a fan covered in flames, but that’s not all; it can then upgrade to a “Chroma” of purple flames.

This new and special knife is expected to arrive at the same time as the launch of Riot Games’ shooter in China. The knife is expected to be sold in China tomorrow, July 12.

Cost of “La Kitana,” the new knife from VALORANT

According to the details revealed by Kingdom Laboratories, this new VALORANT exclusive weapon for China will not only have a unique and special look. It will also have a special price, the lowest-priced weapon of all non-Battle Pass melee weapons in the game’s history. According to Kingdom Laboratories, The Kitana will sell for 100VP, certainly a much lower value than any other knife sold in VALORANT.

Now, let’s remember that China is a region that had never been able to enjoy Riot Games’ shooter due to restrictions imposed by the country’s government. However, finally, VALORANT was approved by regulators in December 2022 and has been included in the list of titles to be released during 2023.

Apparently, Riot Games’ shooter in China will include a feature that the gaming community has been clamoring for for a long time. We are talking about the recording function directly from the game, which undoubtedly allows players to analyze their play style. However, apparently, this VALORANT feature is exclusive to China, just like the new knife “La Kitana.”

Although VALORANT players have found a solution to the lack of a replay feature, there are hopes that such a feature will be implemented globally within the game. For the time being, however, the entire community of players must wait to see if the release of this special knife and the VALORANT replay function will go beyond the Chinese borders.