A group of YouTubers takes inspiration from Fortnite to create a snowball launcher

A group of YouTubers takes inspiration from Fortnite to create a snowball launcher

9. April 2023 by miranda angeles

At some point, many of the most famous video game users have wondered what some of the game’s weapons would look like in real life. For example, a group of YouTubers has asked themselves what a snowball launcher like the one players can enjoy in Fortnite would look like; as a result, they have created their snowball launcher inspired by the title.

Since 2017 when Fortnite was released, the title has become one of the most-played video games. Millions of people worldwide enjoy the game, and many have taken inspiration from the weaponry to create some objects. A sample of these is the well-known Nerf guns that all children love, as these toy guns take inspiration from Fortnite.

However, some people have taken things to another level, as Nerf guns are toys. So instead, Hacksmith Industries has created a snowball launcher like the one available in the game and has shown the whole process on YouTube.

Hacksmith Industries Snowball Launcher

Recently, Hacksmith Industries posted a video on the YouTube channel showing the entire process of creating the Fortnite snowball launcher. The group of YouTubers has created the most realistic Fortnite item ever made.

Now, let’s talk about Hacksmith Industries, responsible for creating this snowball launcher. The famous channel has over 13 million subscribers.

Hacksmith Industries is known for creating a real video game and movie concept prototypes.

The latest video released on the channel is about the snowball launcher, which Fortnite has inspired, but they promise this is the most powerful launcher in the world.

With the new object created by the YouTubers, they show all the game fans and the YouTube channel how the Fortnite Harrow launcher looks in real life in a winter style. Usually, this weapon is used in themed events during the winter season.

To bring this Fortnite weapon to life, the content creators have used a lot of metal and a 3D printer; they have also given it a personal touch by adding a CO2 tank to make the weapon much more powerful.

After making the snowball launcher, it’s time to test it

In the Hacksmith Industries video, we can see the manufacturing process of the snowball launcher in action. For the test, no real snow is used; the YouTubers have decided to use a frozen one that was powerful enough to cause real damage.

The weapon created by Hacksmith Industries has been a total success; in terms of appearance, the object was comparable to the object in the Fortnite game. On the other hand, the firing speed of the homemade snow bags was very good.

The power with which the snowball launcher shoots is such that I managed to break through a tempered crista and a wooden door. Undoubtedly this object is very powerful and perfectly represents the weapon of the game.

Hopefully, the content creators, in their next videos, will build other iconic weapons in Fortnite.