A famous CoD streamer inadvertently gives money to a hacker

A famous CoD streamer inadvertently gives money to a hacker

4. September 2023 by miranda angeles

Recently, we have seen how a famous Call of Duty streamer made a mistake and unintentionally gave money to a hacker. We are talking about FaZe Swagg, who inadvertently sent money to a hacker in the middle of a stream.

A famous CoD streamer inadvertently gives money to a hacker

Recently, in the middle of a Warzone 2 live stream, FaZe Swagg fans could see how one of the most prestigious content creators in Call of Duty donated money to a hacker.

The Call of Duty streaming world recently experienced a historic event. FaZe Swagg, one of the most senior members of the esteemed organization, who focuses solely on creating content based on long-range weapons from the Activision saga, made a mistake on a live stream.

The content creator made a $50 donation. However, FaZe Swagg’s good deed ended in disgrace. The streamer FaZe Swagg wanted to support was a hacker who took his deadliest traps for a walk right after receiving the money from the FaZe Clan member. According to information revealed by CharlieIntel, the donation occurred in a live Call of Duty: Warzone game in a Vondel game.

The content creator activated his cheats after Swagg’s donation

The content producer activated his cheats right after receiving the money from Swagg. This action by the small content creator makes the donation the most incredible ever made for Call of Duty.

In the video of the Twitter post, you can see Swagg’s shock when he found out that the streamer he wanted to support was a hacker. Worst of all, he wasn’t exactly a small hacker, given that he was armed with various tools to sabotage his fellow players’ gaming experience.

Hackers in Call of Duty experienced a beastly boom in the original iteration of Warzone. However, due to adopting an anti-cheating system, their presence was significantly reduced in this sequel. But, as you can see, some loose ones are quite a challenge for game developers. In any case, this is the most surprising donation in Warzone 2.0. Not because of the quantity but rather because of the sudden plot twist it gives.

Launch of the new CoD title

We are awaiting the release of the new CoD: Modern Warfare 3 title, which will be available for sale on November 10, 2023, for all platforms. The next chapter of the series is a direct continuation of the current Modern Warfare 2. Before the official launch, a closed and open beta phase will be held for all players in several phases.