The 369 Legacy: A Potential Iconic Achievement in Worlds 2023

The 369 Legacy: A Potential Iconic Achievement in Worlds 2023

28. October 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

Every Worlds in the history of League of Legends esports has been more than just a battleground for the title of global champions. It has been a stage for narratives, player journeys, and monumental upsets. This year, Bai Jia-Hao “369” is not just another participant. His journey, from his debut to the cusp of a historic achievement, is the stuff of legends. As Worlds 2023 advances into the quarter-finals, 369 could potentially redefine his identity and etch his name into the annals of the game.

Dicey Beginnings

League of Legends enthusiasts might recall the puzzling mystery behind the unique summoner name “369” of JDG’s toplaner. With varied interpretations and none seeming to hit the mark, 369’s early days, particularly in 2019, brought forth an intriguing narrative. His inconsistent gameplay was symbolized by a dice roll, with the three numbers representing different performances:

  • 3 stood for a lackluster game with multiple deaths.
  • 6 denoted a satisfactory team play.
  • 9 was the pinnacle, where he showcased potential to be LPL’s finest toplaner.

This “dice man” narrative, though humorous, diminished as 369’s prowess on the rift increased. With his transfer to JDG, the days of “rolling a 3” were behind him. Now, that “3” prominently stands for his three LPL titles, with his performances frequently rated as sixes and nines.

A Date with Destiny in Worlds 2023

Worlds 2022 Semifinals Day1 1221

Bidding adieu to his ‘dice thrower’ days, 369 is on the brink of providing an unprecedented twist to his identity in Worlds 2023. Imagine a scenario where 369, after progressing to the quarter-finals with a stunning 3-0, is just 9 maps away from not only lifting the champion’s trophy but also hitting 369 career wins.

Such a fateful possibility is not merely a distant dream. With JDG’s current form and their recent successes, including their monumental Mid-Season Invitational win in London, the horizon looks promising. A Worlds win now would also mark their ‘Grand Slam’, a milestone untouched in League of Legends’ rich history.

Will it become a legend?

In the realm of esports, narratives are not just penned by analysts and commentators; they are carved on the battleground by players. 369’s trajectory from a “dice man” meme to potentially achieving 369 victories with a League of Legends Worlds win is nothing short of extraordinary. If this materializes, the next time someone questions the origin of his name, the reply might just be: “The wins I needed to lift this trophy.”