00NATION beats BIG and gets first win at Brazy Party

00NATION beats BIG and gets first win at Brazy Party

27. April 2023 by Andrew Williams

BIG lost their opening matchup in Brazy Party, with David “prosus” Hesse replacing Josef “faveN” Baumann during the online tournament. Now they are on the brink of elimination. faveN is getting married right now, that’s why he isn’t playing Brazy Party with BIG. 00NATION took an important step towards the next stage by winning against BIG.

The Brazilian team showed much stronger than at the BLAST.tv RMR, where they unfortunately failed to qualify for the Major in Paris. After BIG made the 5th-6th place at IEM Rio, they couldn’t show their best performance yesterday.

dumau was important player for 00NATION

00NATION owes a large part of their success to Eduardo “dumau” Wolkmer. The 19-year-old was instrumental in his team’s comback win on Mirage, posting a 26-15 performance and a 1.48 rating to help his team earn a narrow 16-13 victory and continue their series on Inferno with a 1-0 lead.

The squad took the reigns from the get-go and built a 10:5 lead on their T-side of Inferno, leading to a quick finish on the second map. Before that, they had stopped a late comeback attempt by the Germans to move into the Winners’ Match of Group B.

00NATION is stronger than at the BLAST.tv RMR

00NATION traveled to Europe and began its run at the Brazy Party tournament not long after its disastrous campaign at the BLAST.tv Paris Major Americas RMR in early April. There, the team had lost 2-0 and had to bury its dreams of qualifying for the Major.

Apparently they have learned a lot from their Major campaign and proved their good form against BIG, who are just coming back from IEM Rio where they ended up in 5th-6th place, a respectable placing. Not the Brasilians just need one more win to make it to the playoffs of Braz Party. BIG however were probably looking for a strong campaign after also failing to make it to the Major and being considered one of the favorites to win Brazy Party. But the fact they have a stand-in again hampers their chances at taking home the bigger part of the $333.000 prize pool.

BIG struggled

The Johannes “tabseN” Wodarz-led team let a 12-6 lead slip away in the Mirage opener and eventually succumbed (13-16). On Inferno, it looked like they lost track of the server for most of the game (10:16).

Nevertheless, the German team will try to recover from the defeat against paiN on Friday at 14:00. Rodrigo “biguzera” Bittencourt’s team fell short to Into the Breach, who also made it to the Major at the RMR, so they are a team that has to be considered a thread at all times.